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University place demand to grow by 300,000 by 2030

Demand for university places in England is set to grow by 300,000, a higher education think tank says. more

'Striking weaknesses' in adult financial skills

A quarter of adults across 31 countries struggle to work out how much change they should get in a shop - research. more

Teachers who help set exams face tough new regulations

Teachers may not be told whether exam questions they set will be used as regulators tackle cheating. more

Police inquiry over Bath school 'mock slave auction'

The boy was allegedly tied to a lamppost and whipped in a "mock slave auction". more

Family help that's bigger than aid budgets

The money sent home by migrant workers is relied up on by schools in El Salvador more

Baby steps

How Mexican entrepreneur Ixchel Anaya launched a reusable nappies business that exports around the globe. more

Male nursery teachers

How can more men be encouraged to teach nursery-age children? more

Male nursery teacher: 'Men don't have to be macho'

Two in three councils that provide nursery services do not employ a single man, new figures suggest. more

'Wasted potential' of mature students

A university group says the "steep decline" in older student numbers must be reversed. more

Tuition fee value for money: 'I feel ripped off'

Only 38% of students in England say the fees for their course are good value for money, the Office for Students says. more