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Vice chancellors' pay: Universities to sign new 'fair pay' code

University leaders have agreed to a new code on senior pay, which will be published in the next few weeks. more

Primary league tables: Special-needs pupils struggle with new tests

Primary school league tables show pupils with special needs are dropping further behind their classmates. more

Global education rankings to measure tolerance

The next international Pisa tests are going to compare how well young people understand other cultures. more

Weakest schools struggle with teacher 'burnout'

Ofsted is warning of persistently underachieving schools in England which struggle to recruit teachers. more

Spurs player in global teacher prize shortlist

A PE teacher, who plays for Spurs, is shortlisted in a competition to find the world's best teacher. more

NI schools in the red: Education system faces £350m funds gap

Almost 400 schools - the highest number ever - will be in budget deficit this year, warns the Education Authority. more

Curbing university bosses' pay 'won't solve funding crisis'

Some university bosses' pay is hard to stomach - but cash crisis goes wider, says NUS. more

'Monster' fatberg to go on display in museum

A slice of a monster fatberg, clogging up London's sewers, is going on display in a museum. more

The children whose gaming turns to gambling

Skin betting websites let players gamble with virtual items from online games as currency. more

Dec 11, Please defend net neutrality. It allows websites like this one to exist!

I don't usually write about topics like this. This isn't a tech blog. But in the United States, the FCC is planning to dismantle current rules for net neutrality. Such a plan could make Parenting Science unviable. Indeed, the dismantling of net neutrality rules could put many of your favorite content creators out of business, and stifle innovation in the future. So it seems stupid not to share the news with my readers, many of whom live in the United States. What is all this about? What can we do about it? Here is my understanding of the situation. more